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Etnyre Asphalt Distributors

Black-Topper Centennial Series Asphalt Distributor
  • Improved control and less maintenance. Electronic asphalt pump speed control provides superior dependability and more precise control than manual systems.
  • The application rate is automatically maintained even with variations in truck speed at any spray width.
  • One person operation. All spraying functions can be controlled from the truck cab.
  • Duplicate controls for stationary functions are located at the rear of the distributor.
  • Application is precise. There is no by-pass valve in the circulating system. Material that goes through the pump goes through the spray nozzles.
  • Spray bar is fully balances when spraying for unbeatable accuracy.
  • Balanced, dual feed asphalt flow while spraying insures uniform application across the full bar.
  • Custom built tank sizes.
  • Designed to meet federal regulations for hot products.
  • Rated Capacity is 1000 to 4500 U.S. Gallons
Etnyre Chipspreaders

Self-Propelled Front Wheel Hydrostatic Drive Chipspreader
  • Higher Horsepower
  • Longer Wheelbase
  • Reduces Noise Level
  • Soft Start Conveyors
  • Side Mounted Radiator
  • Reversing Fan
  • Operator Controlled Auger and Conveyor Speed
  • Weight Transfer Hitch
  • Operator Stairs
  • Larger Receiving Hopper
  • Variable Height Hopper
Etnyre Maintenance Distributors

Maintenance Distributor
  • Trailer, Truck and Skid Mounted
  • 600 and 1000 Gallon Capacities
  • Trailer consists of adjustable pintle eye, tandem axles on spring suspension, four tires on disc wheels, crank type jack, electric brakes and safety chain with hooks, steel fenders, lights and wiring.
  • Tank construction is a steel shell and full section surge plates, fiberglass insulation covered with aluminum jacketing. 20” diameter Manhole with spill collar and rollover protection. Thermometer 50-400 degree F, measuring stick, Aluminum, 50 gallon increments.
  • Power Unit is Kubota D902-E3B, 20hp, engine with electric starter, alternator, battery and 20 gallon fuel tank. Includes hydraulic pump, motor and valves for asphalt pump drive.
  • Asphalt Pump is 200 GPM, hydraulic motor driven.
  • Circulating System includes air powered primary asphalt valves, removable strainer in pump suction line, and a 20 gallon flushing oil tank with line to asphalt pump.
  • Heating System flue equipped with one Diesel burner, electric driven fuel pump and blower, auto ignition, 500,000 BTU’s.
  • Spray Bar 8’ full circulating spray bar. Fixed height, non-shifting, non-folding, air controlled gang on/off with manual flip valve nozzle every 4”. Includes spray bar on/off switch in control panel on a 20’ electrical cord to reach the chassis cab for trailers, mounted in cab for truck mounts.
  • Hand Spray Hose 25’ rubber hand spray hose and three nozzle gun.
Etnyre Trailers

Removable Gooseneck
  • Custom RTN 35 Ton…C-RTN35-13
  • Paver Special PS3500 Blackhawk…C-3500-PS-13
  • PRTN Blackhawk Limited…C-RTN-LTD-13
  • Custom RTN 55 Ton…C-RTN5055-13
  • Paver Special PS5055 Blackhawk 55 Ton…C-5055-PS-13
  • Custom RTN 55 Ton…C-RTN55-13
  • Custom RTN Series 60 Ton…C-RTN60-13
  • Jeep Dollies Tandem Axle 60 Ton…C-DOL2-13
  • Jeep Dollies Tandem Axle 75 Ton…C-DOL3-13

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